How to have a kissable lips



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The video on the next page is going to show you how to get soft lips and get ready for that big kiss. So if you have a date coming up that is really important to you, then this is the right tutorial for you. Go to the next page to watch the full video. Subscribe to Michelle if you are satisfied. Enjoy!

Make Up Tricks You Didn’t Know


#1 Plastic Spoon


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With regards to doing your own makeup, sometimes it’s fun to test something just a little different, especially upon those occasions whenever you are prepared to put forward a far more daring encounter. That’s where this particular little trick comes in handy. Right now, did you realize you can use a plastic spoon in order to easily utilize mascara in your bottom eyelashes without staining any on the skin below your eye. That’s the trick that will be go a long way. It also allows you to accomplish the much heavier makeup coat.

Things you should never do to your hair

#2 disrespect

#1 Too Much Brushing

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Brushing your hair is important, but too much of everything is bad. So excessive brushing is bad for your hair. You might brush your hair continuously, and believe you’re doing the right thing, but recently researchers proved that brushing hair too much can damage this. So instead of brushing your excellent hair regularly, try styling it with your fingers occasionally; of course be gentle on your hair.

Most Expensive Cars

#1 McLaren P1

#1 V12 LaFerrari

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Could this be most powerful car in the world? Well maybe. This powerful car is worth over $2 Million Dollars. According to wikipedia, “LaFerrari is the first mild hybrid from Ferrari, providing the highest power output of any Ferrari whilst decreasing fuel consumption by 40 percent”

Best Dressed Kids

Kingston Rossdale

#1 Alonso Mateo

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Alonso Mateo is the son of Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, who is a California based stylist. He is only 5-year-old but his trend-setting pictures have been blowing up daily on one of the most popular social network; Instagram. People are taking notice! He was born to win over the ladies heart. Perfect and adorable.

Hot Male Celebs

#1 channing tatum

#1 Channing Tatum

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Channing Matthew Tatum is a National actor and film producer who has made so many ladies fall in love with him. The ladies consider him to have the facial skin of a good looking man, as well as the body of a hot super model. Females adored him far more since he exhibited his romantic side in “The Vow” and “Magic Mike”.

Most severe Haircuts ever


#1 Rat tail style



I don’t think anyone in their right sense would have an haircut like this. He probably had a bet with his friend or something because this is just too extreme. Having no hair is way better than this.

Cute Puppies (Part 1)

#1 - white cute puppies

#1 White Cutie

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We all agree that this puppy is really cute. The color makes her even look better, and the hair too. Just imagine having both as your puppy?

Things To Do While Cuddling

#1 kiss

#1 Kissing

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Kiss your spouse, or your GF/BF in a emotional style, not really within planning to make away. Provide them with small smooches on the forehead, hands, or even fingers to exhibit that you simply adore as well as take care of all of them. This particular proceed will depart all of them swooning as well as pleased to end up being covered upward along with you.

The Franco Brothers Best Collections


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Because hard as it might end up being with regard to Dave (James Franco Brother) sometimes, all of us believe the actual hottie will most likely split from their brother’s picture earlier than later on. Their forthcoming movie “Now The thing is Me” ought to be an excellent begin.

Crazy Licence Plate

#3 oral sex


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We have looked around for some crazy licence plate that will definitely make you debate if they are true of not. The first one we put on this list is “STFU PLS”. This might be redirected to the cops, or maybe the citizen directly at the back of the car honking just as the light turns green. :D. Would you get a plate number like this?

How To Be A Better Girlfriend

#4 listen

#1 Remain Positive

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If you are consistently whining with regards to factors or perhaps criticizing the boy you’re dating, he will not likely take pleasure in spending more time with you. Transferring your current perspective and also creating a good outlook on life are unable to just save your partnership, it may improve your current standard of living and also create for you further a chance to live happy.

If Dogs Could Text!


#1 Cape!

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There is a popular saying that a dog is a man’s bestfriend, but in this case, this dog is the owner’s pain in the ass. I wouldn’t be happy if my dog pulled my curtain down just to play with the cape lol

Top 5 Awesome Cars

#5 2014-Jaguar

#1 Aston Martin vantage v12 2014

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Would i be wrong if i said this car is for CEOs? It looks so perfect and it also runs so perfect. I wouldn’t mind owning a car like this someday!

How to get six pack abs


#1 Reduce Carbs

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Not every carbs tend to be evil, but “white carbs” are in fact evil for your abs. You’ll have to avoid all of them. When the actual carbs tend to be decreased in your body system, you’ll notice that you begin to shed water pounds. Whole grains tend to be wonderful with regard to abs, they’re known as “slow carbs” simply because they actually go through a slow procedure. They are full of fiber when compared with white carbohydrates. Develop some love with browns dark brown rice, quinoa, wheat grains and oats.

We All Need To Cuddle

ft img

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Doctor. Renee Horowitz stated that Hugging/cuddling, as well as lovemaking produces chemical substances, such as oxytocin, within the mind that creates a feeling associated with wellness as well as joy, He’s a good ob-gyn that not long ago began the center of sexual Wellness within Farmington; Hillsides, in The state of michigan.

In this gallery, we would go over 3 main reasons why we should cuddle which will encourage you to make out time to cuddle up with your partners.

Best Dressed Kids (Part 2)

ft img

#1 Boss Girl


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Normally the best outfitted children tend to be associated with celebs. They have access to the best designers. However in this gallery, we have included several other “non-celeb” kids who own very pretty closet and are probably models for kids clothing.

Guide To Making Your Eyeliner Look Perfect!


LOP_ART_079_LeftLadies, do you want to look your best always? Well we have something that will help you. Go to the next page, and take your time to watch the 11min YouTube Video.

Cute Puppies (Part 2)



Top 5 Skinny Female Celebrities!

#3 Rachel Zoe

#1 Mary-Kate Olsen

#5 Mary-Kate Olsenvia:

Mary-Kate Olsen has been recently diagnosed with an eating disorder. Most of us do not blame her for her current appearance because we know she is going through a lot. However, we hope she comes back to normal and we wish her best of lucks.